6-Speed RWD Manual

TREMEC® has earned its reputation as a leading provider of 6-speed manual transmissions to automakers and aftermarket performance enthusiasts alike. Our original equipment 6-speed manual transmissions, such as the TR-3160 and TR-6060, have become a preferred choice for many automakers, offering seamless shifting, enhanced torque capacity and a heightened driving experience for OE performance vehicle models.

By incorporating advanced materials, rigorous testing, and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, TREMEC ensures that our transmissions meet and exceed the demanding standards of the automotive market.

TR-3160 (Original Equipment)

TREMEC’s TR-3160 is known for its seamless shifting and compact architecture and is designed for either a single or double overdrive transmission. This makes TR-3160 ideal for light delivery vans, light commercial vehicles and performance vehicle applications. Utilizing high-strength steel throughout its gears and shafts based on an 81mm center distance, this transmission maximizes durability and torque capacity while minimizing weight and space requirements. The cleverly designed multi-rail shift system allows for direct mount and semi-remote shifter locations, providing greater flexibility and significantly reducing noise, vibration, and harshness for an optimal driving experience.

TR-6060 (Original Equipment)

TREMEC’s TR-6060 is renowned for its robust construction, capable of handling high torque and power outputs, making it a popular choice for muscle cars and supercars. Along with the ability to stand up to some of the highest torque engines in the industry, the TR-6060 delivers great overall shift feel with short throws and smooth gear synchronization. Design features of the TR-6060 include a combination of double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers on all gears. Anti-friction ball struts and fine-pitch splines provide reduced friction between components. A spring-loaded anti-friction roller, in combination with broached forward and reverse detent grooves on the main shaft, provides precise control of shift detents and a positive shift feel.

Magnum, Magnum F and Magnum XL (Aftermarket)

The TREMEC Magnum family of products for the aftermarket represents a range of high-performance and versatile 6-speed transmission solutions that cater to automotive enthusiasts and custom builders. Whether it’s a classic muscle car, hot rod or modern performance vehicle, our Magnum transmissions offer a seamless blend of modern technology and classic design. With options like the Magnum, Magnum F and Magnum XL, these transmissions provide smooth and precise shifts, enhancing overall driving experiences. Additionally, their compact and lightweight design allows for easy retrofitting into various vehicle applications. The TREMEC Magnum family’s durability, increased torque capacity, and compatibility with a wide range of engine types make it an ideal choice for those seeking a reliable and powerful transmission upgrade in the aftermarket automotive world.