Gears & Shafts

Components capable of handling high torque and power loads with smooth and efficient power transfer

TREMEC gears and shafts are at the core of our exceptional drivetrain systems, embodying the precision and reliability that define our reputation. Meticulously engineered and manufactured with utmost attention to detail, these components undergo rigorous testing and analysis to ensure unmatched performance and durability.

We manufacture precision components for commercial applications – including line haul, vocational vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction equipment and recreational vehicles. Our portfolio includes components for automated manual transmissions, manual transmissions, engines, turbo drives, axles and electric drivelines across all platforms.

TREMEC gears

TREMEC facilities boast the superior ability to design and manufacture all types of drivetrain components, including gears, synchronizers, shift actuators, engine timing gears, forks, input shafts, main shafts, countershafts and specialty products. TREMEC is also well-versed in manufacturing components and systems according to each customer’s specific needs.

TREMEC components are found in a majority of the Class 8 commercial vehicles produced in North America. These components are also in the equipment that shapes your world, brings you food from the field, and powers the recreational vehicle you enjoy on the trails.

TREMEC reviewing gear assembly