TR 4050

TR 4050

Versatile and powerful –
the TR-4050, perfectly suited for a variety of trucks.

Specifically engineered for light and medium-duty trucks, the TR-4050 boasts a single overdrive and a lightweight aluminum housing. With fully synchronized forward gears utilizing carbon friction material for enhanced shift quality, this transmission delivers elevated performance at a level unseen before. Additionally, tapered roller bearings minimize noise, vibration, and harshness while improving efficiency. The standard six-bolt power take-off on the right side of the transmission provides users with the flexibility to operate a variety of hydraulic accessories.

Smooth and powerful:

All forward gears are fully synchronized and use a carbon friction material for improved shift quality.

Strong and versatile:

High-contact constant mesh helical gears for maximum strength.

TR 4050

Feature Highlights

  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing saves weight while offering considerable rigidity
  • Standard right-hand six-bolt PTO offers the ability to run hydraulic pumps
  • Multiple shifter locations provide design and installation flexibility
  • The multiple rail internal shifter provides excellent shift feel and performance
  • Tapered bearing on input, main, and counter shafts provide excellent internal stability
  • Needle bearings under gears reduce friction and noise output
  • Advanced synchronizer technology promotes smoother shifting and reduced shift effort
  • Counter shaft mounted 5th gear synchronizer improves NVH in overdrive
TR 4050

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