TREMEC drivetrain innovation – propelling the high-performance vehicles of tomorrow

The driving performance we enjoy, the advances of electric vehicles and the solutions to keep the world moving would not exist without innovation. Innovation drives the collective teams at TREMEC, who, in turn, help drive our industry forward.

TREMEC innovation helps vehicle manufacturers build custom solutions to meet their unique needs and build distinctive driving experiences – from design and modeling through testing and production. Our integrated approach allows clients to cut product development costs, shorten lead times, extend capacity and maximize engineering resources – all while creating a driving experience that is unique and tailored to their vehicles’ propulsion needs.

From the design and development of high-performance drivetrain systems to the cutting-edge innovation behind solenoid valves, differential power packs and hybrid disconnect clutches, there’s no limit to TREMEC innovation. We design and deliver gears, shafts, manual transmissions, award-winning dual-clutch transmissions, electric drive units, and so much more.

Here at TREMEC, we are continuously raising the bar in drivetrain engineering and powering the on- and off-road vehicles that power our world.

TREMEC innovation

Innovating drivetrain systems and components through 6 steps:

  1. Analytical modeling and simulation
  2. Gear design and development
  3. Full system integration
  4. Software development
  5. Functional safety and cybersecurity
  6. Testing – transmissions, subsystems and components

TREMEC Innovation:

Electric Drive Unit Delivers 2X the Power

TREMEC’s EDU delivers power and performance for battery-electric vehicles. Providing double the power in the same packaging space as a traditional 300kW unit, the torque-vectoring EDU promotes dynamic steering and handling – all controlled by TREMEC’s proprietary software.