Enabling custom driving experiences to electric vehicle OEMs through proprietary drivetrain solutions

Led by the engineering expertise that delivered drivetrain performance for the legendary muscle cars of the Detroit Three, TREMEC® now paces the eMobility sector with advanced engineering to deliver elevated performance and excitement to electric vehicles (EVs) through our exclusive drivetrain software and hardware.

Our most recent achievement is advancing the performance of electric drive units (EDUs) that deliver twice the power in a lighter-weight, drop-in solution

EDU pump side

High-Performance Electric Drive Unit

TREMEC’s torque-vectoring EDU brings high-performance characteristics to EVs that match the power and vehicle dynamics of traditional-powered vehicles in the same class. With its extreme power density and handling, our EDU is well-suited for an exhilarating track driving experience. And it’s street-legal, bringing driving fun and excitement to the EV segment.

  • Double the Power: TTREMEC’s EDU provides 600kW of power in the packaging space of a typical 300kW EDU. That means two TREMEC EDUs can fit into a conventional OEM EDU box to yield twice the power — and twice the performance — with a lightweight, drop-in solution.
  • Extreme Technology: Capable of outputting 800 hp, TREMEC’s EDU offers extreme power density with its SiC inverter and a choice of surface permanent magnet motors or internal permanent magnet motors to best meet each OEM’s requirements.
  • Improved Handling: Improved vehicle dynamics and steering response and handling is achieved through our customizable EDU that enables variable torque between two wheels on the same axle
  • Sustainable Power: Consistent high levels of performance are ensured through our EDU’s advanced cooling system, especially during continuous and peak loading phases such as a typical 15-20 minute hard-driving track session.
TREMEC dual-motor EDU

Control Units and Customizable Software

TREMEC Customizable Control Units and Software

TREMEC develops unique, proprietary software in-house to customize performance characteristics for its torque transfer solutions for conventional and electric vehicle solutions. We fine-tune different elements of our software to amplify OEMs’ specifications for propulsion system characteristics that influence dimensions of driving dynamics and performance.

Transmission Control Units

TREMEC’s transmission control units are designed to interface with each vehicle’s unique onboard vehicle diagnostics and diagnostic protocols that control the gearbox. The propulsion system harnesses the capabilities of machine learning to adapt and respond to various road conditions, all while delivering remarkable torque levels.

Vehicle Control Units

TREMEC builds on its own proprietary software platform to develop vehicle control units (VCUs) that vertically integrate individual component system controls and also regulate thermal management.

Electronic Control Units

TREMEC’s electronic control units are embedded proprietary software systems that control communications within EVs, especially connecting the battery management system (BMS) with other vehicle systems.

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