Mechatronic Systems

From component design to seamless integration for elevated performance of vehicles

TREMEC mechatronic systems, including sensors, actuators and embedded electronics, work together to achieve specific functionalities or perform complex tasks within the drivetrain system. Our mechatronics technology has revolutionized performance vehicles, enabling the development of advanced drivetrain systems that are more efficient, intelligent and contribute to better driving control and feel.

Our engineers leverage their extensive experience in developing each component, from solenoids and valve bodies to friction materials and clutch packs, combined with decades of full system level integration know-how, to achieve elevated performance.

The invaluable knowledge gained from physical system development directly feeds into our control software’s modeling and calibration, ensuring exceptional performance right from the outset of development. With customer requirements at the forefront, we customize products for optimal cost, efficiency and unrivaled performance–sparking excitement on every road.

TREMEC mechatronics systems construction


Solenoid blocks

Dual clutches

Dual clutches