Embrace the Power Surge

At the Core of Electric Vehicle Performance

TREMEC puts e-mobility into overload with its juiced dual-motor 800 hp electric drive unit (EDU). Engineered to energize performance and racing EVs, the lightweight TREMEC EDU provides twice the power of traditional 300 kW single-motor EDUs in the same packaging space.

Less Growl – More Bite

Full torque-vectoring capabilities enable OEMs to optimize electric vehicle dynamics, steering and handling – giving the same powerful drive and feel as ICE vehicles to EVs.

Lightweight and Powerful

TREMEC’s super-light EDU provides 600kW of power in an OEM packaging space of a typical 300kW EDU, with zero changes to vehicle architecture.


It’s a drop-in solution that yields twice the power to super-charge vehicle performance characteristics.

Customizable Vehicle Feel

Our customizable EDU enables variable torque between two wheels on the same axle, improving vehicle dynamics and steering response and handling.

Super Cool

The EDU’s advanced cooling system ensures it delivers consistent high levels of performance; this means no drop in power during a 15-20 min. hard-driving track session, with continuous and peak loading phases.

Super-Charged Dual Motor Performance in an OEM Single Motor Package Space

  • Power-dense SiC inverter combined with power-dense SPMs or IPMs deliver best-in-class performance
  • All EDU performance calibrations are achieved with TREMEC’s proprietary software, developed in-house
  • Thermal control for sustainable power
  • 800 hp dual-motor EDU; motors can be controlled independently
  • Vehicle performance traits and vehicle dynamics can be optimized through TREMEC’s proprietary software
  • EDU can easily handle a 15-20 min. track session without limiting power
  • 600kW EDU fits in the space of a 300kW EDU; lightweight drop-in solution
  • EDU enables variable torque between two wheels on the same axle at the same time
  • EDU’s advanced cooling system delivers consistent levels of power, especially during peak loading

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Note: This product is only available to vehicle manufacturers (OEMs)