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At TREMEC, we are driven by passion, innovation and a commitment to shaping the future of vehicle propulsion. For over four decades, we have been at the forefront of the industry, designing and manufacturing high-performance solutions that redefine the driving experience and elevate performance. As a global leader in drivetrain technology, we take pride in this legacy and are constantly looking for exceptional talent to help us build the next legend.

Advanced engineering

Join our global team:



TREMEC Mexico proudly serves as the company’s headquarters, overseeing a network of innovation, manufacturing and global distribution to drive the industry forward.



TREMEC USA is a key hub for research, development and production, leveraging cutting-edge technology and engineering expertise to deliver high-performance drivetrain solutions.

TREMEC Belgium

TREMEC Belgium

TREMEC Belgium operates as a strategic center of excellence, specializing in precision manufacturing and collaborative engineering, ensuring the highest quality standards for our drivetrain solutions.

Career satisfaction

Where passion meets innovation

Are you ready to unleash your passion for high-performance cars and ignite your inner thrill-seeker? Our teams are driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, designing cutting-edge drivetrains, manual transmissions, gearboxes and components that power some of the most iconic sports cars and electric vehicles on the planet.

Working at our state-of-the-art facilities provide the ultimate playground for car lovers and engineering enthusiasts alike. So, if you crave the thrill of accelerating into the fast lane of vehicle engineering and want to be part of a team shaping the future of driving, rev up your career and join TREMEC—where passion meets innovation and the ride of a lifetime awaits!

A culture of continuous learning

At TREMEC, you work in a culture of collaboration, continuous learning and innovation. We believe that our people are their best when we invest in their personal and professional growth. As a part of our team, you’ll have access to mentorship programs, workshops and opportunities to attend industry events, keeping you at the forefront of the rapidly evolving vehicle markets.

Diverse perspectives drive ingenuity

We embrace diversity and inclusion, recognizing that a multitude of perspectives drives creativity and ingenuity. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career, at TREMEC, you’ll find an inclusive environment where your ideas are valued and your contributions celebrated.


We value and respect different backgrounds, knowledge, perspectives and experiences. We empower all team members to be their authentic selves, building upon our differences while fostering an environment where connection, innovation, equity and collaboration are key to our success. We strive to build a workplace where everyone belongs, creating greater value for our stakeholders.