Drivetrain Components & Controls

Fully integrated systems and components for exceptional drivetrains to power tomorrow’s vehicles

Elevating the performance of the vehicle drivetrain depends on well-engineered, high-quality components. At TREMEC®, we engineer fully integrated systems and components to control torque transfer in all types of vehicles, from specialty gears and shafts, clutch assemblies, hydraulic control systems and solenoid valves to the software that precisely controls the entire system.

TREMEC engineers have a passion for the development and production of best-in-class systems that are optimized to satisfy customer expectations – whether it’s robust manual transmissions, high performance, award-winning dual-clutch transmissions and transaxles, or performance-oriented electric drive units. Depending on customer needs, components can be provided as tested subsystems or as part of a complete system. In all cases, TREMEC torque transfer solutions are focused on meeting and exceeding the industry’s stringent requirements for reliability, cost and ease of use.

To achieve this, TREMEC engineers go beyond merely optimizing components. We rigorously apply years of development knowledge, integrated processes and production expertise into all designs – all geared to Elevating Performance™.

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