If it requires TORQUE, think TREMEC®

While TREMEC is known for its legendary manual transmissions, we also power off-highway and off-road vehicles. TREMEC specialty torque transfer solutions are designed for large agricultural, industrial and construction equipment manufacturers, off-road recreational vehicles and military vehicles.

ATV off-roading


TREMEC meets the high-performance needs of oil and gas drilling, logging, mining and other stationary equipment via our auxiliary transmissions. We provide low-gear, high-torque solutions for the most demanding off-highway applications.


TREMEC off-road and recreational vehicle assemblies and components include:

  • Transmission assemblies
  • Gears
  • Shafts
  • Bearings
  • Synchronizers
  • Shift mechanisms


TREMEC severe duty and specialty products include military vehicles, such as the Humvee:

  • Geared hub assembly (doubles torque to wheels)
  • Geared fan drive (better cooling in extreme conditions)

Elevating Performance for the most powerful, demanding applications

Our advanced engineering, manufacturing and technology capabilities enable us to design, develop and build a wide array of torque-transfer solutions, customized to meet the specific demands of each vehicle segment. We work closely with each customer at every project stage to meet your unique requirements while creating efficiencies – propelled by TREMEC’s vision of always continually Elevating Performance