7-Speed RWD Manual

TREMEC®, a leader in high-performance drivetrain solutions, designs and manufactures original equipment 7-speed manual transmission systems. These transmissions are found in many of the world’s high-performance sports cars, luxury vehicles and certain commercial vehicles.

TREMEC 7-speed transmissions offer an additional gear compared to traditional 6-speed manuals, allowing for more precise gear ratios, reduced noise and improved fuel efficiency, especially during highway cruising or high-performance driving.

Additionally, the close gear ratios in our 7-speed manuals enhance acceleration, providing drivers with a more engaging and dynamic driving experience.

TREMEC TR-6070 (Original Equipment)

TREMEC’s TR-6070 is an original equipment 7-speed manual transmission system designed specifically for premier North American sports cars. The TR-6070 integrates awe-inspiring shift technology for the highest level of smooth shifting and performance under extreme scenarios.

Our TR-6070 builds upon TREMEC’s well-respected TR-6060 6-speed transmission, introducing a triple overdrive gear to enhance fuel economy and reduce emissions. This advanced transmission incorporates a gear absolute position sensor that communicates real-time shift selector position to the engine controller, optimizing engine RPM for seamless gear changes and improved drivability.

Smooth gear synchronization is achieved through a combination of the TR-6070’s double-cone and triple-cone rings, featuring a hybrid solution of carbon and sintered bronze cones for increased capacity and shift performance. Additionally, linear bearings reduce friction in shift rail movements, resulting in a natural, lighter, and more direct shifter feel.

TREMEC TR-9070 Dual-Clutch Transmission (Original Equipment)

TREMEC also offers a 7-speed dual-clutch automated manual transmission, the TR-9070–delivering no-compromise shifts as fast as 80 milliseconds. Depending on the requirements of the situation and mode, the TREMEC 7-speed dual-clutch transmission thinks, learns and performs – whether it be normal driving, sporty driving, drag racing or track racing. This cutting-edge technology seamlessly combines the efficiency of a manual transmission and the speed of a racing gearbox through advanced computer control, precisely orchestrating gear selection and clutch modulation.

With two wet clutches engaging and releasing in perfect synchronization, the TR-9070 dual-clutch transmission effortlessly transitions between gears, providing uninterrupted torque delivery for both comfortable cruising and exhilarating high-performance shifts.

Xtreme Performance with the TREMEC TR 9070 DCT