Power plus character –
propulsion solutions that boost light-vehicle performance

TREMEC® drivetrain solutions and EV propulsion systems aren’t made for your average driver – they are designed to push the boundaries of excitement and power, delivering a unique and elevated driving experience that makes niche high performance vehicles iconic.

TREMEC is on a mission toward Elevating Performance for both conventional and electric vehicles, to create drivetrain solutions that are versatile, powerful and custom to each vehicle’s unique driving style and needs.

Whether it’s extra power for towing a trailer or extra torque around the track, we deliver that same game-changing performance to both OEM and aftermarket vehicles – for the enthusiasts who seek us out and the engineers that design vehicle experiences that define OE brands.

TREMEC drivetrain solutions are for Elevating Performance and can be found in nearly every rear-wheel drive application on the market.

TREMEC shop floor
TREMEC transmission test

Elevating Engineering and Technology

TREMEC’s world-class engineering puts spine-shivering performance into Detroit Three muscle cars, supercars and luxury vehicles, all thanks to our innovative designs, stringent testing, quality assurance and manufacturing expertise.

  • Uniquely yours: TREMEC can build to your specifications or work with you to create a customized performance package designed to differentiate your vehicle brands.
  • Testing and quality assurance: Each product undergoes a series of demanding analytical tests to assure quality and durability, even under the harshest conditions.
  • Concept through production, doubled down: Simultaneous engineering streamlines developing optimal torque transfer solutions tailored to specific vehicle requirements. Our engineering departments take advantage of two fully equipped design centers in the U.S.A. and Europe to develop drivetrain solutions from initial concepts through prototyping, testing, validation and production launch.
  • Customizable, lightweight housings: All transmissions feature lightweight, aluminum die cast housings and are available with direct shift, semi-remote or cable shifting systems. Single, double and triple overdrive systems are also offered.
  • EV solutions rooted in drivetrain expertise: TREMEC’s high-performance torque-vectoring eAxles offer unique features for hybrid and fully electric systems. The TREMEC family of eAxles incorporates our characteristic quality, durability and value while meeting industry specifications for lightweight, compact and energy-saving drive units

TREMEC Custom Solutions Differentiate Vehicle Experiences

Whether it’s a renowned TREMEC transmission customized to meet your unique specifications, or a clean-sheet solution designed, developed and manufactured by us to define your vehicle’s unique driving characteristics, every TREMEC torque transfer solution is made with precision, quality, durability and passion.

From manual and dual-clutch transmissions to proprietary software and control units, every TREMEC system is designed to connect the driver with their vehicle for an unforgettable high-performance experience.