Electric Drive Components

Elevate electric drive unit performance with TREMEC® precision components

When it comes to meeting the performance demands of electric vehicles, TREMEC is the trusted partner for drivetrain solutions and components.

At TREMEC, we leverage our extensive torque transfer experience and refined processes to offer a range of solutions to EV OEMs, including accommodating different volumes, part mixes, kitting and flexible scheduling to fully support unique build cycles.

TREMEC clean room

Planetary Gears

TREMEC’s planetary gears are a testament to precision engineering and exceptional performance. Designed to deliver efficient power transmission in electric drive units (EDUs), these consist of two gears mounted so that the center of one gear revolves around the center of the other. The unique arrangement allows for smooth torque transfer, compact design and high torque multiplication capability. Whether used in hybrid or fully electric vehicles, our planetary gears ensure seamless power delivery, reduced noise and enhanced overall efficiency, contributing to a superior driving experience.

Gears and Shafts

Gears and shafts play a critical role in the functioning of mechanical systems within EDUs. At TREMEC, we understand the importance of these components and their impact on overall performance. Our gears and shafts are meticulously manufactured to meet tight tolerances, specific heat treatment requirements, and the right tooth geometry to achieve proper meshing. Whether transmitting power within the EDU or transferring torque from the electric motor to the wheels, TREMEC components excel in providing smooth and efficient power transfer.

TREMEC gear set

TREMEC Electrifies Performance

Meets tight tolerances and heat treatment requirements

Optimized geometry for perfect meshing

Flexibility to support diverse build cycles

Extensive drivetrain and component expertise

Software and hardware provide customized driving experiences