Control Units

Optimize drivetrain performance and tailor vehicle drivability with TREMEC® control units

TREMEC control units are the brain of the drivetrain, receiving input from various sensors throughout the vehicle, such as throttle position, vehicle speed, engine RPM and other signals. Based on this input, along with driving conditions and driver preferences, our control units make real-time decisions to control the engagement and disengagement of clutches, manage gear changes and adjust shift points to ensure smooth and efficient operation.

We use our proprietary software developed in-house to customize performance characteristics of our torque transfer solutions for conventional and electric drivetrain solutions. To create vehicle-defining traits, TREMEC fine-tunes different elements of our software to amplify OEMs’ specifications for propulsion system characteristics that influence dimensions of driving character and performance.

TREMEC control unit manufacturing

Transmission Control Units

TREMEC’s transmission control units (TCUs) are designed to interface with each vehicle’s unique onboard vehicle diagnostics and diagnostic protocols that control the gearbox. Machine learning powers system controls, enabling the propulsion system to “learn” how to respond to different road conditions while delivering high levels of torque.

The TREMEC TR-C75 TCU seamlessly incorporates electronic controls, enhancing fuel economy, reducing engine emissions and delivering improved shift feel. TREMEC TCUs are designed for advanced dual-clutch transmissions and automated manual transmission control. They feature a high-performance multi-core microcontroller that excels in handling demanding model-based applications. Moreover, they meet all industry standards for advanced safety architecture, ensuring reliable and secure operation.

Vehicle Control Units

TREMEC’s vehicle control units (VCUs) are electronic control modules used in automotive applications to control and monitor different systems within the vehicle, such as engine management, transmission control, traction control and more. To create VCUs, we build on our proprietary software platform to develop VCUs that vertically integrate individual component system controls and regulate thermal management for electric vehicles.

Electronic Control Units

TREMEC’s electronic control units (ECUs) are embedded proprietary software systems that control communications within electric vehicles, such as connecting the battery management system with other vehicle systems. These cutting-edge devices play a crucial role in optimizing the performance of drivetrain systems. By constantly monitoring and analyzing data from various sensors, our advanced ECUs make real-time adjustments to transmission and engine parameters, ensuring seamless gear shifts and efficient power delivery. The integration of TREMEC ECUs enhances driving dynamics, fuel economy and overall vehicle responsiveness, providing a superior driving experience for automotive enthusiasts and manufacturers alike.