Add a little muscle to your GM F-body, Camaro or Firebird –
the second in the Magnum lineup with more torque and more power

Designed to replace T-56 transmissions in 1998-2002 GM F-bodies, the TREMEC® Magnum-F 6-speed RWD transmission leverages TR-6060/Magnum architecture to provide 4th-gen enthusiasts significantly improved performance, as well as relief from a shrinking pool of quality T-56 replacement parts.

Multiple applications:

Beneficiaries include 3rd-gen F-bodies, LT1-powered 4th-gens, LS-swapped late models of all varieties, and sport compact applications such as A80 Supras, FD RX-7s and more.

One shifter location:

Designed for LS1-powered 1998-2002 F-bodies and other applications that utilize a similar shifter position. Where the original Magnum shifter locations may prove too far forward, and the extended length Magnum XL’s too far back, the Magnum-F’s in-between position often proves to be just right for these models.

Durable componentry:

Inside, the Magnum-F benefits from the same durable componentry found in many of today’s hardest-hitting OEM muscle and sports cars. Over the T-56, the Magnum-F boasts increased face width on all gears, a robust combination of double- and triple-cone synchronizers, enhanced webbing in the main case, provisions for a cooler circuit and more.


The shifter provides the precise and tangible shift feel that all Magnums are known for.

Like all TREMEC aftermarket transmissions, the Magnum-F is made from 100% brand-new OEM-quality components.


Feature Highlights

  • Suitable for conversions in 1993-1997 LT1 Camaros and Firebirds[2] and 1993-2002 LS1 Camaros and Firebirds[1]
  • 700 lb-ft. (949 Nm) of torque capacity
  • Combination of double and triple cone synchronizers
  • Maximum rated RPM: 7800
  • Choice of two different gear ratio sets (2.66 or 2.97) with double overdrive
  • Reasonably lightweight at 140 lbs. (64 kg) dry

[1] Requires use of 31-spline slip yoke and modifications to the driveshaft length. Not included.
[2] Requires change of flywheel, clutch, hydraulic slave and other parts. See dealer for details.


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