Which Transmission Fluid Should Be Used in Your TREMEC Transmission?

Which Transmission Fluid Should Be Used in Your TREMEC Transmission?

What’s the most common question our TREMEC product support specialists get asked? That’s easy – but you might be surprised. The No. 1 question is: Which transmission fluid should I use?

We get it. You want to make sure you’re using the correct fluid to protect your TREMEC transmission. And there are lots of choices.

So we decided to make things easier: The transmission fluid you should use is TREMEC HP-MTF High Performance Manual Transmission Fluid.

We introduced HP-MTF so that you can feel confident that you’re using the best fluid possible in your TREEMC transmission. HP-MTF has been proven compatible with TREMEC Magnum, TKO, T-56 and T-5 manual transmissions produced for aftermarket use from 2008 to present as well as in most units built prior.

Owners of vehicles that came from the factory with a TREMEC transmission should continue to use the transmission fluid recommended by the vehicle manufacturer.

We made sure TREMEC HP-MTF provides an ideal balance of protective qualities and shift performance. While it is designed for aftermarket transmission, we make sure that it meets the OEM-level standards that TREMEC engineers are accustomed to. As part of the development, we also ensured that it’s suited to perform well in all climates. In fact, we found that it excels in high temperatures and offers solid shift performance in colder temps. And while we had street performance use as our key target as HP-MTF was developed, it’s also capable of supporting severe-duty use in competition applications.

You can get HP-MTF through any TREMEC Elite Distributor or from TREMEC-store.com.