Up-To-Speed with TREMEC Transmissions

Up-To-Speed with TREMEC Transmissions

Detroit, Mich., December 14, 2012 /drivesrt.com/ — Arguably the most track-worthy model in the SRT® lineup (not including the Viper), it’s only fitting that the Challenger SRT offers a manual transmission like its racing brethren. The Challenger is fitted with the Tremec® six-speed manual, the same transmission and inners that are utilized by the iconic SRT Viper.

SRT began using the Tremec six-speed manual on the Challenger SRT in 2008, the year the car made its debut. “It’s a real robust transmission,” said Jim Wilder, Vehicle Integration Responsible, SRT. “We test these cars very, very hard before we send them out to the public. We run powertrain endurance with them. We run them on the drag strip. We run them on road courses. They are pretty darn bullet-proof.”

Wilder and his team put in countless hours in the lab and at the track perfecting the clutch, the shifter and even the shift points. The clutch of the Tremec six-speed manual transmission is calibrated to slip before the mechanical limits of the transmission get to that point. SRT engineers also worked diligently to isolate any vibrations that may come from the driveline.

“Getting the clutch engagement to feel right was very important,” said Wilder. “Also, getting the shifter so it feels nice and tight and positive and direct with the transmission was important. There’s a fair bit of tuning that goes on with both of those.”

While there is an automatic transmission available for the Challenger SRT, the manual is the standard version. What else would you expect from the car often-called the “Modern American Muscle Coupe?”

“There still is a hardcore group out there that wants a manual transmission,” said Wilder. “As automatics evolve and become more advanced and have more gears I don’t know if we’ll see that continue. As of now, we have a lot of customers requesting the manual.”

To sprint from 0-60 in less than five seconds, and achieving a top speed of 180 miles per hour, the Challenger SRT takes a high-performance transmission, and that’s the Tremec six-speed manual.

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