TREMEC Expands Commitment to Commercial Vehicle Market

TREMEC Expands Commitment to Commercial Vehicle Market

  • TREMEC Manufactures a Wide Range of Gears, Shafts and Components for Commercial Vehicles
  • TREMEC Components are Found in the majority of the Class 8 Trucks Produced in North America Today
  • TREMEC Specializes in High Torque Transmissions and Components for a Range of Vehicles,  including Passenger Car, Light/Medium/Heavy-Duty Truck, On/Off-Highway, Agricultural, and Military
  • TREMEC Manufactures the Lightest 10-Speed Manual Transmission in its Class
  • TREMEC is an Inside Ingredient that Keeps American Commercial Vehicles Moving

Plymouth, Mich. (June 24, 2015) – The iconic TREMEC brand is best known for robust, superior quality transmissions in high-performance cars.  TREMEC products are renowned for efficiency, refinement, torque capacity, and shiftability.

TREMEC also provides gears, shafts and a multitude of advanced driveline components for commercial vehicles.  The company has grown this manufacturing capacity over the past 50 years and TREMEC components can now be found in over three quarters of the Class 8 commercial vehicles produced in North America.

“TREMEC has been an inside ingredient of many of the leading truck transmission products on American highways,” said Jeremy Holt, TREMEC vice president. “Our commitment to the market has grown with significant investment in leading-edge manufacturing technologies. This growth continues with recent investment of over $50 million in new manufacturing capabilities for AMT transmission components.”  

TREMEC’s commitment to the commercial vehicle industry is further underscored by its recent launch of a 10-speed manual transmission for Class 8 trucks. It is the lightest 10-speed manual transmission in its class.   While there is a strong trend towards  automation via AMT’s, TREMEC’s new 10 speed addresses the key imperatives for increased fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, lower weight, compact package size, ease of service, and broad torque capacity for those applications where a manual transmission is preferred.

With gears, shafts and components found in a majority of commercial vehicles on the road today, TREMEC is an inside ingredient that keeps America’s trucks moving.