TREMEC Celebrates Golden Anniversary

TREMEC Celebrates Golden Anniversary

50 Years of Innovation and Success; Geared for the Future

Plymouth, MI (April 28, 2014) — From high performance supercars to industrial, vocational and line-haul vehicles, many brands depend on TREMEC for world-class transmission assemblies and components. Since its founding in 1964, TREMEC has gained a reputation for producing a range of high-quality and award-winning torque transfer solutions for leading automotive companies. On this historic 50 year anniversary, TREMEC is taking the opportunity to look back, with a view toward the future. 

“Fifty years ago, a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs fulfilled a need to manufacture gearboxes for the automotive industry,” said CEO Robert Neal. “TREMEC was designed to be a global, full-service and vertically integrated supplier to the market,” he continued. “With forging, heat treatment, machining and final assembly under one roof, we established a robust foundation for our transmission business.”

TREMEC is the NAFTA leader in rear-wheel drive manual transmission production for performance car applications and embraces automation, robotics and leading edge manufacturing processes. “TREMEC has invested heavily in manufacturing, advanced engineering and mechatronic systems to support our strategy,” said Juan Marco Gutiérrez Wanless, CEO of Grupo KUO – the parent company of TREMEC. “We excel in the design and production of transmission systems found in high-performance vehicles – including the control software for dual clutch transmissions that our Belgium operation engineered for exotic European supercars.”

In addition to investments in technology, TREMEC is also expanding capacity. Gutiérrez Wanless commented: “As we invest in technology, we also recognize that emerging markets are key to our growth. We have invested in our new plant in Pune, India. The plant, which manufactures transmissions and drivetrain components for India and the Asia-Pacific region will become a critical part of TREMEC’s global supply network.”

With a 50 year heritage, TREMEC is recognized as a premier provider of torque transfer solutions that addresses industry challenges of increased fuel economy and reduced emissions, while continuing to deliver its fundamental brand promise of a robust and fun-to-drive experience. As a global supplier, TREMEC has built a reputation as the company that delivers value and innovation to help our customers be successful.


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