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It is hard to imagine a time when modern 5- and 6-speed transmissions weren’t the norm. Drivers had no idea what it was like to have smooth and precise gear shifting combined with low rear-axle gear ratios and one or two overdrives to keep highway driving realistic. But when Bob Hanlon started his namesake transmission business, modern 5-speeds were still relatively new, 6-speeds were exotic items and the legendary T-56 hadn’t yet changed the world.

AMP Performance offers a variety of performance products and services, including dyno tuning, chassis work and turbo installations. AMP Performance’s main focus is TREMEC manual transmission conversions as well as providing customers with TREMEC parts and service. You can also find AMP Performance on the race track, as the company owns multiple cars used for competition in the NMRA, NMCA and PSCA drag racing circuits.

TREMEC Elite Distributors are the purveyors of driving excitement. Forte’s Parts Connection was one of the earliest TREMEC Elite Distributors to offer solutions to upgrading from an old 3-speed or 4-speed manual transmission, and for converting from an automatic to manual transmission.

Forte’s Parts Connection was founded nearly 40 years ago and sold Doug Nash 5-speeds and reworked Ford T-3550 5-speeds. Today, Forte’s Parts Connection offers a wide array of products, including offerings from TREMEC, along with crate engines and rear axles. A customer can come to Forte’s Parts Connection and order an entire drivetrain.

From the shores of the Atlantic to the deep, blue waters of the Pacific, you can easily find a TREMEC Elite Distributor to help you get the perfect manual transmission for your ride or to improve the one you already have. TREMEC’s Elite Distributors are more than sources for product, though. They’re just as passionate about cars and driving as their customers are!

Bowler Performance Transmissions is the oldest of the TREMEC Elite Distributors. It was founded in 1963 as a family-owned transmission shop. As the performance industry evolved – and the business was passed on from founder Cline Bowler to his son and its current leader Mark Bowler –it expanded and became one of today’s leading transmission swap and conversion companies for TREMEC 5-speed and 6-speed transmissions. Under Mark’s guidance, the company expanded to doing custom-tailor transmission conversion kits for use on just about any vehicle.

Thanks to our Elite Distributors, performing a 5- or 6-speed conversion on just about any vehicle is easier than ever. One such Elite Distributor – an early pioneer in the manual transmission upgrade and retrofit market – is Caldwell, Idaho –based Modern Driveline. Today, Modern Driveline (MDL) is a major player in the manual transmission aftermarket, developing installation and accessory kits to fit modern manual transmissions into a variety of vehicles.

This month, our Distributor Spotlight is on Silver Sport Transmissions – a TREMEC Elite Distributor that helps customers of classic vehicles find new levels of performance while looking to the future. Editor’s Note: See what it means to be an Elite Distributor at the end of this article. This Elite Distributor has established itself as one of the leading companies in manual transmission upgrades and conversions for a variety of vehicles. In addition to TREMEC transmissions, Silver Sport Transmissions offer kits that have all the required parts for making just about any vehicle #TREMECequipped so that customers can enjoy the fun and excitement of a modern, high-performance manual transmission.

       The Elite Advantage There are hundreds of Authorized Resellers around the globe to source your TREMEC motorsports and aftermarket products. But, installing a modern TREMEC transmission into a classic muscle car requires a lot of engineering and leg work. Other than bellhousing and transmission mounts there’s the shifter location that has to be considered, too. For that, a company that can put it all together for you is going to be your best bet to save you time, money, and effort.