Performance Tiger Unleashed

Performance Tiger Unleashed

Detroit, Mich/ — The legendary Camaro Z/28 is back for the 2014 model year. Originally introduced in 1967, the Camaro Z/28 was designed specifically to compete in the Sports Car Club of America’s Trans-Am 2 class. Lightweight, nimble and incredibly powerful, the original Z/28 was designed ideally for road racing. The 2014 Z/28 carries the same racing credentials.

A hand-assembled LS7 engine powers the Camaro Z/28, boasting an incredible 505 horsepower and 481 lb.-ft. of torque, making it the most powerful normally aspirated regular production small block V8 ever. The highest-quality parts and precision assembly elevate the redline level to 7000 rpm. 

The LS7 is mated to a TREMEC® TR-6060 6-speed manual gearbox that features close-ratio gearing – optimized for the engine’s power characteristics. The TREMEC is coupled with a 5.1:1-ratio short-throw shifter to ensure quick and precise shifts.

The manual gearbox is packed with the same ratios as in the Camaro ZL1, but the Z/28’s final-drive is 3.91:1 versus the ZL1’s 3.73. The engine features titanium rods and intake valves, a forged-steel crank, hydroformed exhaust headers, and CNC-ported heads. It inhales through a cold-air intake and exhales via a dual-mode exhaust system with large-diameter pipes. All engine and gearbox cooling systems are standard, as they are on the ZL1.

Design features of the TR-6060 include a combination of double-cone and triple-cone synchronizers on all gears. Anti-friction ball struts and fine-pitch splines provide reduced friction between components. A spring loaded anti-friction roller, in combination with broach forward and reverse detent grooves on the mainshaft provide precise control of shift detents and a positive shift feel.

TREMEC TR-6060 Transmission Specifications
Rear wheel drive, six-speed manual dual overdrive transmission
Maximum gross vehicle weight*
2,400 kg (5,291 lb) *For reference only. Not applicatble to a specific application
Die-cast aluminum alloy
Center distance:
85 mm
Overall length: 813 mm
Clutch housing: Integrated
Synchronizer type:
Double and triple cone; hybrid and sintered bronze friction material
Lubricant type:
Dexron III AFT
Lubricant capacity (approximate):
3.45L 97.29 pt)
Transmission weight:
Wet: 66.3 kg (146.2 lb)
Power take off:

Available Gear Ratios:

Alternative ratios available upon request.

May result in different maximum input torque.

Gear A B C D E F
1 3.01 2.98 2.66 2.29 2.29 2.26
2 2.07 1.78 1.78 1.82 1.61 1.58
3 1.43 1.30 1.30 1.30 1.21 1.19
4 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
5 0.84 0.74 0.80 0.76 0.82 0.71
6 0.57 0.50 0.63 0.50 0.68 0.50
R 3.28 2.90 2.90 2.90 3.11 2.90



580 Nm

430 lb-ft

680 Nm

500 lb-ft

760 Nm

560 lb-ft

810 Nm

600 lb-ft

880 Nm

650 lb-ft

880 Nm

650 lb-ft