New 900Nm Dual Clutch Transmission Launched

New 900Nm Dual Clutch Transmission Launched

High design, development, tooling and testing costs can inhibit the product development of modest volume/niche segment drivetrains. However, a convergence of customer needs, economic possibilities and engineering capabilities can drive powerful solutions with a ‘viral’ adaptation.

In pursuit of such a convergence, TREMEC has developed a “Family Approach” to new drivetrain products characterized by torque applications in sports cars, SUVs and diesel vehicles that demand performance and refinement. For these markets, improvements in torque capacity, NVH, fuel efficiency and mass reduction are continually engaged to meet the Fun 2 Drive needs of the customer.

TREMEC unveiled this Family Approach to developing Dual Clutch Transmissions at the 12th International CTI Symposium held in Berlin (December 2-5, 2013). A 7-speed 900Nm DCT on display takes into account a modular design for RWD, AWD and transaxle platform.

The design intent is to preserve existing vehicle packaging for multiple OEMs – contributing further to the flexible family approach required for niche markets.

The use of integrated mechatronic systems allow TREMEC to leverage components and subsystems already developed and produced to optimize cost savings, reduce development resources and time, and reduce software development for common components.

The family approach to product development allows TREMEC to leverage investments in components, subsystems and software across a range of transmissions and applications to deliver both performance and value.