High-Torque DCTs

High-Torque DCTs

Performance mechatronic systems provide multi-mode, tunable launch and shift profiles for high-end sports cars & luxury cars

As the industry continues to develop new concepts and refinements for automated drivetrains, global demand for automated transmissions continues to grow. TREMEC, benefiting already from a strong leadership in the market of high torque manual transmissions, is well prepared to satisfy the need for ultimate shift performance and control with its recent family of high torque dual clutch transmissions.

All subsystems and components of this family were precisely designed to assure maximum performance of the complete transmission system. Unique friction material, efficient hydraulics, low leak solenoids, plus a transmission control unit with sophisticated, application specific software optimize the system.

The TREMEC TR-9007 DCT is a seven speed dual clutch transmission with a torque capacity of 900 Nm. Mated with the TR-C75 transmission control unit, torque control is guaranteed fast, precise and repeatable. Built around a new high-performance multi-core microcontroller, the TCU easily handles the computationally intensive application software and supports an advanced system safety architecture.

One of the great opportunities with a dual clutch transmission is to create arbitrary shift profiles, ranging from imperceptible “limousine” shifts to ferocious “Formula 1” style shifts. Basically, the feeling of any maneuver depends on the way torque is transferred to the wheels.

In order to create the desired feeling during launch and shifting, TREMEC software generates in real time the desired torque for the engine and clutches, dependent on various input and driving conditions and the maneuver being executed (launch/creeping, up/down shifting, sport/comfort-mode). The virtual “torque chain” converts these torque targets using model-based torque maps and pressure control algorithms into an electrical target for the clutch control valves.

TREMEC’s new generation of solenoid valves will offer a number of improvements compared to the already excellent current generation, which is used in some of Europe’s finest supercars. These improvements ensure further advances in terms of energy use, application range and robustness.

The TR-9007 DCT uses a single fluid throughout the complete transmission, utilizing high performance DCT fluid for hydraulic clutch and shift actuation, gearation lubrication, and system cooling. Apart from the cost and construction advantages, this enables the gear train to use forced lubrication without the need for a separate, energy consuming pump.

In DCT transmission applications, certain maneuvers create extremely demanding requirements on the clutch system. Multiple high performance launches, hill starts and other driving situations can put high thermal loads on the clutch. For these instances, the TREMEC DCT software includes a thermal management module that maintains vehicle performance while ensuring clutch thermal limits are not exceeded.

As a system, the combination of the high performance TRC-75 controller, sophisticated software and calibration capabilities, plus the mechatronic sub-systems in the TR-9007 DCT transmission make TREMEC the best choice for a high performance automated transmission project. The TREMEC toolkit allows the OEM to tune every maneuver to perfection.

The performance mechatronic systems that provide multi-mode, tunable launch and shift profiles for high-end luxury and sports cars was showcased in the September 2015 issue of Transmission Technology International magazine.