Golden Moment For Performance Car Lovers

Golden Moment For Performance Car Lovers

Mark Phelan, “Moment is Golden For Performance Car Lovers,” Detroit Free Press, Aug. 15, 2013 – American sports car fans have never had it this good, and it’s getting better. Despite rising fuel economy standards, and fuel prices that oscillate just enough to give drivers hope before rebounding again, the summer of 2013 is a golden moment for performance cars.

It’s a sweet spot in the space-continuum, the midpoint of an 18-month period that encompasses the rebirth of the Viper (featuring the TREMEC TR-6060 6-speed transmission) early this year, an all-new 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray (featuring the TREMEC TR-6070 7-speed transmission) hitting the road now, and a rabidly anticipated new Ford Mustang on track to arrive for the original pony car’s 50th anniversary next spring.

Each of the cars, in its own way, embodies the soul of the company that makes it.

Together, they will define Detroit automakers’ best technology and performance. As this year’s Woodward Dream Cruise revs into high gear, rest assured the flow of collectible classics will continue for decades to come.

“The Corvette is the quintessential American dream car,” said Jerry Burton, an automotive historian and marketing executive long associated with the car. “It’s always been compared to sports cars that cost far more because it represents good old American knowhow.”

The new cars may become Detroit’s ambassadors to the world as the automakers look to sell more of them overseas.

“Sports cars provide the thrill factor,” said Chrysler design chief Ralph Gilles. “Human beings will always seek that, and there will always be cars that generate it. We’ll keep reinventing the sports car and finding new ways to provide excitement.”