Master Thesis: Benchmark of Automotive Emotors

Master Thesis: Benchmark of Automotive Emotors

About the project

In recent years, the global goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has pushed the automotive industry to transition from ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles to EV’s (Electric Vehicles). Even though the function of the powertrain (providing power to the wheels) remains the same, the involved technology is completely different. As much as for ICE vehicles, key factors for an EV in the high-performance segment continue to be performance and driving range. These translate directly into Emotor requirements in terms of: efficiency, torque and speed capability. The different approaches of OEMs to tackle these challenging requirements resulted in a broad range of Emotors with different stator and rotor topologies.


The goal of this thesis/research is to benchmark a series of Emotors that originate from commercial EVs using MotorCAD software. You autonomously work with the technical staff to measure and enter the geometry in software and analysing key design aspects of different Emotors.

 Approach: Starting with a literature study on the different types of Emotors used in modern EVs and their fundamental working principles, you will present a comparative analysis of the available Emotors at TREMEC, based on overall dimensions and performances. You will then proceed to draw a selection of available Emotors in MotorCAD and quantitatively compare their performances in terms of torque, speed, losses, and cost. Finally, you will conduct sensitivity analyses to try to identify key design parameters and areas of improvement for the current generation of Emotors.

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You preferably hold a Master Degree in Electromechanics, Electronics or Automotive Engineering

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